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16 Unbelievably Creative Hats for the Winter (Ugly Christmas Hats)

Posted on November 30 2016

Did you know 80-90% of your body heat escapes through your head? At least that's what our grandmothers told us. Even if that stat is untrue, wearing a hat is still a comfortable choice when the wind is howling. 

But ever since John F Kennedy singlehandedly killed the hat industry, hats have become a fashion statement rather than an outfit staple. 

These days, toppers pretty much have free range when it comes to how they look. That being said, these hats below take the cake for being the ugliest. Hey, the line is fine between ugly and adorable.

1. Gimli's Dwarven Helm

helmet beard hat, cool hat, christmas hat

2. Bane Mask

bane hat, cool hat, christmas hat

3. Yoda Hat

christmas hat, baby hat, yoda hat

4. Optimus Prime Hat

transformer hat, optimus prime hat, christmas hat

5. Mummy Hat and Mask

mummy hat, baby hat, christmas hat

6. Totora Hat

totoro hat, baby hat, christmas hat

7. Woodland Creatures Hat

animal hat, woodland creatures hat, cool hats

8. Bender Hat

eyes hat, cute hat

9. Knight Helmet Hat

helmet hat, knight hat, roman hat, christmas hat

10. Fox Cowl Hat

fox hat, christmas hat, cute hat

11. Cthulhu Mask

octopus hat, green hat, cool hat

12. Viking Helmet and Beard/Scarf hat

viking hat, christmas hat

13. Brain Hat

brain hat, cute hat, christmas hat

14. Nursing Hat

nipple hat, nursing hat, cute hat, christmas hat

15. Alien Hat

alien hat, ET hat, cute hat, Christmas hat

16. Antler Har

deer hat, cute hat, christmas hat

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